Dr.Fred Zulli

The Scientist behind the products:
DR.FRED ZULLI - studied biochemistry and received his Ph.D at the ETH in Zürich. He then worked at the Nestle Research Centre in Switzerland before he entered the cosmetic industry. Dr. Fred Zülli is the founder and head of Mibelle Biochemistry, a 20 years old Swiss company specialized in research and development of innovative active ingredients for the cosmetic industry.

Mibelle Biochemistry, Switzerland

Who is Mibelle Biochemistry?
Mibelle Biochemistry, a Swiss biochemistry group, which has extracted plant stem cells from an endangered Swiss apple variety ( Uttwiler Spätlauber Apple) and has incorporated them into cosmetic products to ensure the longevity of skin cells. 

What does PhytoCellTec™ mean?
Plant cell technology

What is PhytoCellTec™ Technology?
Mibelle Biochemistry's motto – “inspired by nature – realized by science” – is the guiding principle behind its new approach to combining nature and science through a technique to extract raw materials from plants.

Who first discovered that plant stem cells could be used to revitalize skin stem cells?
Mibelle Biochemistry scientists, led by Dr Fred Zülli